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Men’s health encompasses a variety of aspects, such as prostate health, cardiovascular health, hair health, sleep disorders, or sexual vitality. These elements are part of physical and mental health and can be supported by natural food supplements authorized on the market.

For every segment: The right ingredients

So, how can we help men take care of their health? Join us as we explore various potential applications of food supplements tailored to men’s health.

 1. Boosting energy with suitable ingredients

Ingredients like B vitamins, iron, and other amino acids contribute to energy production, enhancing both physical and mental endurance. For vitality, supplementation with vitamin C or herbs like ginseng can be considered.

2. Cardiovascular health

In Europe, cardiovascular diseases in men rank as the second leading cause of death (25.1%) [1]. To prevent these risks, food supplements rich in omega-3 and antioxidants play a crucial role in optimal cardiovascular health. These ingredients promote blood circulation and protect the heart against risk factors.

3. Preserving muscle mass

With age, the loss of muscle mass becomes a major concern, influenced by various complex factors. Food supplements containing quality proteins, amino acids, and vitamin D can contribute to maintaining muscle mass, essential for an active and dynamic life. Aging and sedentary behavior contribute to muscle and bone density degradation, along with an increase in fat mass due to a slowed metabolism.

4. Boosting libido

Sexual vitality is a crucial element for men’s health. Often surrounded by taboos and misinformation, this area requires an informed approach. Food supplements composed of specific ingredients, like zinc and ginseng, are recognized for maintaining libido and improving sexual performance.

5. Prostate and fertility

The prostate is a small gland located under the bladder that plays a key role in the reproductive system. It secretes a fluid that contributes to reproductive health. However, various prostate-related problems may arise with age, sometimes affecting overall health. Pumpkin seeds contribute to maintaining a healthy prostate function, while zinc supports fertility and normal reproduction.

6. Stress management and mental health

Stress is not necessarily an enemy to avoid. In fact, a moderate dose can stimulate motivation and productivity. However, when stress becomes chronic, clinging to our daily lives, it can trigger harmful reactions to mental health. Food supplements with adaptogenic herbs, such as rhodiola and ashwagandha, have anti-stress properties. They help balance cortisol levels, promoting mental health.

7. Taking care of hair health

Men’s appearance and self-confidence are closely linked to the condition of their scalp and facial hair. Hair problems, whether it is loss or pigmentation disorders, are common concerns. Faced with these challenges, taking food supplements and essential nutrients can help. Vitamin B8 and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal hair, while copper plays an essential role in protecting cells against oxidative stress. Ensuring an adequate intake of these elements can promote hair health from within, in synergy with hair care products.

Whether discussing men’s or women’s health, cultivating a balanced lifestyle remains essential. There are many ranges of food supplements suitable for each individual, and if the supplement you are looking for does not exist, let’s discuss it together!

[1] Cardiovascular diseases, the practitioner’s review, 2019

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