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We are a human-sized French laboratory, located in the heart of Alsace in Strasbourg, and we specialize in the field of nutraceuticals, with a strong expertise in dry form food supplements.

From research and development of your ideas, to the manufacturing of private label food supplements, we provide solutions for all projects, from small to large series.


Dedicated to ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals, we create for you, and with you, the perfect product to achieve your future commercial successes.

For this, our team make sure to know you and understand all the specifics of your project. From the emergence of your idea or your project, and throughout its realization, we support and offer solutions for all your requests.



with all regulatory and quality requirements necessary for the safety of our products: we guarantee a high level of know-how.


for the environment and nature: we monitor and control our consumption of resources, as well as our emissions and waste.


for humans, through a supportive social policy. We guarantee good working conditions for our employees.

Our story

It all started with one man: our founder and CEO, Mr. Gérard Strauch.

His love story with phytotherapy began in the early 90s, after two decades of fostering his talent for international trade in very diverse lines of businesses. His people skills and unique selling ability led him to become the Head of Export Sales for a large pharmaceutical group, which grew under his leadership.

Extremely service-oriented and excellence-driven, he sought for even more flexible and qualitative solutions. As a result, he founded Elitepharm Laboratoires in 1997, specialized in health plant-based products. From this point forward, opportunities keep rolling, and with international trade in its DNA, the business venture quickly thrived and expanded.

Visionary and intuitive, Gérard has always been ethical and sincere in the design, manufacturing and distribution of his products. His ability to anticipate changes has also allowed the company to always be ready to catch trends and meet the regulatory standards of the sector.

Advocating for the promotion of health and a good quality of life, he continues the development of the company through innovative high-performance products. At the heart of this success, Gérard credits a large part of it to his genuine relationships, and the desire to surround himself with partners who follow the same ethos.

Our international activity

Today, Elitepharm Laboratoires, whose head office is located in immediate proximity of Strasbourg – France, develops and produces food supplements  on an international scale with clients in Europe, Asia, the Middle East or Africa.