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We interviewed Irina Tsiroulnikova, Head of Sales. At Elitepharm, we support our clients in their nutraceutical projects, with solid expertise in dry form food supplements.

Q : What are your thoughts on the current state of the food supplements and manufacturing market?

I : « As stakeholders in this ever-evolving market, we thrive on the absence of routine, finding it invigorating. It’s a dynamic market with numerous players and a vast array of options for manufacturing.

With the plethora of offer, clients sometimes feel lost and lose proximity with their manufacturers. We see a rise in the creation of food supplement brands. It’s a sign of dynamism, but it also fosters intense price competition. Our motto is to ensure a better quality-price ratio, rather than the lowest price which might compromise quality.

Consumer behavior is evolving, as food supplements increasingly become part of daily life, enhancing their positive image.

The challenge facing the sector pertains to regulations, perpetually in flux. Keep abreast of regulatory changes is essential to be a reliable advisor for our clients, who often feel adrift amidst regulatory ambiguity. There’s still too much room for interpretation in regulations. While regulatory advice isn’t strictly within our scope, we willingly share our knowledge with clients to prevent misunderstandings or compliance issues.»

Q : How do you assist clients in finding a suitable formula for their project?

I : « To assist clients in finding the right formula, we start by deeply understanding their needs. This involves oral discussions about their markets, distribution networks, existing products, and detailed briefs. The more detailed the brief is the higher the chances are to find a suitable solution.

Our project managers initiate contact via phone or email, conduct a discovery phase, and assess project feasibility. Early discussions help clarify technological and industrial constraints to refine and transform requests into projects and to get to know the clients better.

Once the brief is complete, project managers collaborate with the R&D department to deepen the analysis. If the outcome is positive, the R&D team takes over and works on the formula. For simple projects, the project manager can quickly provide a theoretical formula. Simple projects are those that don’t require extensive bibliographic research or industrial technological tests. Otherwise, a theoretical formula is developed within a few weeks, along with a price quote for the client.»

Q : What are the key elements to convey during the brief?

I :

  • « The desired galenic form.
  • The quantities should be stated upfront, considering industrial constraints and raw material sourcing. Sometimes, we might suggest specific, sometimes exclusive, materials with significant quantities, which could affect the project.
  • The target price to optimize the quality-price ratio.
  • The distribution country. Regulations vary greatly, even within Europe!
  • Lastly, to specify if the product should be conventional or organic.»
Q : How soon can a client typically expect a response from you regarding their request?

I : « Generally, the response time is within one week for initial contact. For providing an offer including the theoretical formula, the timeframe varies from a few days to several weeks, depending on project complexity: the number of formulas to create, the need for new materials, necessary tests, etc.»

Q : What exclusive services in food supplement design do you offer your clients?

I : « At Elitepharm Laboratoires, product development goes beyond formula and regulatory steps. We accompany clients through complex developments sometimes, with advanced problem-solving capabilities. For instance, addressing , solubility issues, or manufacturing without excipients. Such challenges require extensive testing and time. Yet, we persist instead of dismissing them as too complicated. We seek and find tailored solutions, where others might not follow through! »

Q : What are your main strengths, as recognized by your clients?

I: « Clients acknowledge Elitepharm for its responsiveness and total commitment to their projects’ success. The proximity we maintain is an asset, avoiding false promises. We fully engage in project feasibility and prefer to decline certain requests to save our clients time and money. Our independence allows us to be dedicated to our clients’ success, unlike larger companies where size can hinder client relations.»

Q : Lastly, what project are you most proud of?

I: « There are several, including the artichoke shots sold on television shopping channels, creating a significant trend in France. Also, our product “Coral Care,” sold in pharmacies for 15 years, has become a classic in Germany. We were among the pioneers in manufacturing magnesium without excipients, overcoming challenges that other labs couldn’t solve for clients. Our melatonin spray was a market precursor for buccal spray form. The challenge was implementing suitable packaging to guarantee mandatory dosage and stability while achieving a product with a great taste, despite the original somewhat “metallic” and unpleasant taste of melatonin.»