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When determining the theoretical formula of a food supplement, many parameters must be considered. The choice of the galenic is a criterion to be considered since it imposes constraints on the formulation itself. As an expert in dry galenics and particularly in capsules, Elitepharm tells you more about this decisive choice in the development of your product.

A choice of galenic form consistent with the product’s formula

To get a high-quality product, three points are fundamental to choose the good galenic:

  • Protecting the active ingredients
  • Increasing the effectiveness
  • Ensuring a good consumer experience

This choice must be closely linked to the formulation of the product. In fact, multiple parameters will influence the choice of the galenic. It is especially important when it comes to the compressibility of the formula, the density of the powders or the interaction between the active ingredients.

The choice of the galenic must also take the consumer into consideration. It is necessary to consider the type of use that the finished product will have and to ensure that it is adapted to the intended target. In the nutraceutical market, the different galenic forms do not offer the same organoleptic experience. The galenic form has a direct influence on compliance, and, in fine, on the effectiveness of the product and its general appreciation by the consumer.

The main trends in galenics

The categories of galenics have diversified in recent year, and keep increasing. They meet very different needs. From traditional galenic form to medical characteristics, we can also observe a « foodification » of nutraceuticals. Let’s take look at these different forms to better guide the choice of the galenic of your future products.

First, hard capsules, soft gel capsules, and tablets which are the most classical galenic formulations, have multiple advantages. They allow a high concentration of active ingredients; a precise dosage, and they have no taste or smell. They can sometimes be gastro-resistant for a better assimilation of the food supplement and can also be of vegetable origin. The disadvantage is that their medical image does not always motivates good compliance by the consumers and these galenics are not easy to ingest by everyone to ingest. The exception is made for capsules whose content can be added to a drink.

Concerning liquid formats such as ampoules and bottles, their concentration in active ingredients is also high and their assimilation by the body is very fast. For the ampoule, the extracts can even be pure. However, their taste can sometimes be unpleasant and more difficult to carry for the consumer. During the product development stability problems can appear more frequently than with dry forms, which makes the development sometimes longer and more expensive.

On the contrary, dry forms in powder, sachets or sticks are more stable and can be mixed with different types of drinks and preparations. On the other hand, they are more difficult to preserve from humidity and light.

In parallel to these rather classical galenic preparations, we are witnessing the rise of gummies which are part of a trend towards demedicalisation. This is a new, original, and fun way of using the product, which ensures good compliance by the consumer. However, this format is often less dosed in active ingredients than the classic galenics. The active ingredients must be heated, and the formula generally contains sugar or sweeteners as well as a few excipients.

This vast and diversified market is currently still dominated by the classic galenic forms. Hard capsules take 30% of the market share, tablets 28% and softgel capsules 11% [1]. The choice of the galenic formulation must therefore consider the advantages and disadvantages of each format to best meet consumer demand.

Seizing market opportunities with dry galenics

Dry galenics dominate the dietary supplements market. Consumers are familiar with this type of form and have confidence in the effectiveness of this type of products.

As an expert in dry galenics for over 20 years, we have in-depth scientific knowledge of the active ingredients and the equipment to ensure the highest level of quality.

Elitepharm can assist you in the development of your food supplements: from formulation to production. We can also advise you on the optimal packaging of your products. We can help you choose the galenic form that is best suited to your needs to obtain the best dosage and bioavailability of the active ingredients.

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