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Packaging plays a crucial role in the marketing of a product and its perception by consumers.

In 2019, packaging accounted for one in five food innovations, underscoring the growing importance placed on the presentation and packaging of products. Today, packaging trends in the field of food supplements are evolving, highlighting the need to adopt more sustainable and environmentally friendly approaches.

Meeting consumer expectations

According to an IFOP survey conducted in 2020 (1), 61% of French people are asking manufacturers for more efforts when it comes to the sustainability of packaging design. Consumers are increasingly sensitive to eco-friendly packaging, favoring responsible designs with recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable materials such as glass and cardboard.

Packaging visual trends

Packaging trends are broader than sustainability and involve also visual design aspects like shapes, materials, colors, and graphics.

    Minimalist packaging

    Continues to grow for its simple and effective aesthetic. The goal is to remain by essential by eliminating any unnecessary elements, ensuring straightforward communication.

    Memorable packaging

    Original packaging is more likely to be memorable. People tend to remember products with unique packaging.

    Emotional connection

    You can tell a story through your packaging. When packaging tells a story or evokes emotions, it can create a stronger connection.

    Vintage packaging

    Old-school aesthetics continue to thrive. This resurgence allows brands to rebrand and capitalize on the nostalgia that packaging can create. Vintage packaging also has a timeless aspect.

    These trends reflect the evolving attitudes of consumers and the needs of the market for visual design.

    Security and aesthetics: closure system trends

    Closure systems are gaining importance, with trends such as tabs, foils, and security devices. These elements, in addition to ensuring product safety, also contribute to the overall aesthetics of the packaging.

    Current developments in the packaging of food supplements demonstrate a shift towards choices that are both aesthetic and environmentally friendly, in response to the growing expectations of consumers.

    Faced with intense competition, creating attractive packaging becomes imperative. However, it is equally crucial to consider functionality and compliance with European regulations by the DGCCRF. The packaging must not only be visually appealing but also ensure the safety and efficiency of your product’s storage.

    At Elitepharm Laboratoires, we stay at the forefront of packaging trends, providing our clients with informed advice and innovative ideas for choosing packaging, whether it’s doypacks, pill bottles, or other creative solutions.

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